Surveys and statistics have revealed that consumers across the globe are becoming more conscious about sustainable packaging and its importance for the environment. This aspect of consumer behaviorism coupled with government regulations in many countries is driving Companies, especially their product managers and marketers towards greener packaging solutions. However, green packaging, sustainable packaging and eco-friendly packaging are blanket terms that are nowadays used blatantly. As such, procurement of sustainable packaging material from a reliable manufacturer can sometimes be tricky. Bear in mind, It is not just about the method of manufacturing or the method of disposal. Businesses should rather take a more holistic approach towards going green and here is a checklist of the key points that need to be considered before precipitating on the type of packaging material to be used…

  1. Are the materials recyclable?  If yes, then whether partially or wholly.
  2. Are they derived from renewable resources?
  3. Are the products compostable / biodegradable?

The three points as mentioned above are the governing factors and form a compulsory part of the decision making process. Apart from the above, the user Company or business should also do a vendor evaluation based on the below criteria…

  1. The production process and the methods of manufacturing that are being implemented by the potential vendor as well as his method of shipping the packaging material.
  2. In case of products being exported to the United States, it is essential that the packaging material meets the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines.
  3. For products being exported to the European countries, the packaging material should be in accordance to the EU guidelines and retailer scoreboard demands.