PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri – Complete Carton Supply and Packaging Solutions!

Great food has to be packaged the right way to ensure that it conforms to federal and international regulations. But that’s not the only reason why people opt for food packaging. Many people realize the food packaging serves as a protection for the delicious products that are contained in it. Additionally, food packaging adds a visual appeal to the food items, and can work effectively as a sales tool.

At PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, we take pride in offering high quality food carton packaging in Indonesia and all of Southeast Asia for that matter. We implement industry best solutions in packaging to ensure that your food items are protected against damage, especially if they are being shipped abroad.

Quality food carton packaging for protecting the delicious inside.

From supplying boxes to cartons and providing customized solutions in packaging, PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri takes the hands-on approach when it comes to customer service. As being the leading box supplier in Indonesia, we bring affordability to packaging like never before.